Everyone who owns a business knows that growing it fast is a full time job. It takes a lot of time with lots of things to be in place – marketing, sales, exposure, and employee payouts. Definitely, an 8-hour duty would not be enough. In fact, it is more like a 24/7 job. 

But you can only do so much because you only have two hands and you can’t multiply yourself either.  When you’re a business owner and your time is spread thin but you want to stay on top of everything, you will need an expert in digital marketing.

In other words, if you want wonders for your business, you cannot just act alone. You will need someone who can take care of your digital marketing needs and that person must be equipped with everything – from knowledge to the proper tools needed to accomplish your marketing goals.

With a digital marketing expert on board, you can save time and effort in dealing with all the hassles of running your business. But with many digital marketing agencies popping up almost every day, how do you know which one is true to what they claim to be?

The increase in number of digital marketing agencies has made choosing the right one a challenging task. So today I am going to share to you how to choose the best digital marketing agency by looking into the following qualities.

A credible website

A good website mirrors the expertise of a certain digital marketing agency. This means having up-to-date information, strategic services, engaging content and modern features.

If a digital marketing agent claims he is good, then it must show in his website. So aside from having an impressive website, a good digital marketing agency must be able to demonstrate all the key elements of an effective inbound marketing strategy through his site.

This includes having an active blog, a mobile responsive design, and an intuitive navigation. The logic is clear. If your digital marketing agency cannot show you a great website, then most probably it can’t deliver the result you’re expecting.

A solid team of experts and professionals

Whether you’re just starting out or you want a complete overhaul for your business, you wouldn’t want to work with someone who is just going to experiment on your business.

To make sure you’re working with the right people, pick a great team. A “great” team is composed of people who are experienced and knowledgeable about what they are doing. They don’t tolerate mistakes and are experts of their own field – design, development, social media, search engine optimization (SEO), and branding.

So check on the site’s “About” section. You should be able to see a complete profile about who you would be working with, their experience, and what they can do for your company. Also see if they are online. Is there a customer hotline you can call in case you encounter some issues once the work gets started? Is the founder involved in the collaboration? Does the agency provide a project manager or contact person who can work with you closely?

Complete tools and expertise to use them

A successful agency has a list of tools and technology that will ensure a smooth-going work with your business. And they must be comfortable in using these tools or much more know how to utilize these tools to your company’s advantage. 

So what tools am I talking about? Let me touch base to you a little about the four most important tools that your digital marketing agency must have. 

File storage – Your digital marketing agency should have a file storage system for ease of access and security. An example of a popular file storage system is Google Drive. It uses a cloud-based method to store files easily and sync it to any user who has permission to access such files. 

CRM and Agency Management – Your chosen agency must be able to give you a report every end of the month or every quarter. Hence, a good agency should have a robust system of managing data from previous and existing clients. A perfect example is Podio. This tool helps record accurate client information, track information, manage billing and invoice, and communicate. When you deal with an agency that base its results from data, you can be sure that they are not just making up numbers.

Project Management –What if you want to track how far the agency has done in terms of their marketing effort? Does the agency use any tool to help you have access to such kind of information? 

There are quite a number of project management tools that a good agency can have such Trello, Basecamp, or Asana. Generally, these tools will give you access to a message board where you can communicate with the agent, calendar to track project timelines, and file sharing options. When an agency has any of these tools, you can enjoy a transparent workspace together.

Client Reporting – Your chosen agency must have a method of tracking results to know whether their marketing efforts have been successful at all. A popular tool for tracking results is Google Analytics and Google Sheets. Since the information on Google Analytics is a little too technical, your digital marketing agency must be able to extract it in a Google Sheet for you to easily understand.

A friendly and caring culture

This is probably the most subjective aspect to measure but if you want to build a good relationship with your digital marketing agency, then it should have customs and traditions that you can relate to. Basically you want to build an alliance not an enemy. So before deciding to hire a specific agency, try to ask these questions to yourself.

Do the team members communicate with you more often? Are they fun to work with? Are they open about issues and other ideas that might be helpful to your business? Having good working relations is very important in understanding goals and achieving results faster and easier. 

Part of having a friendly culture is being able to work with a flexible approach. Say your digital marketing agency already has “Plan A” in place. What if it doesn’t work? Does it have a plan B in place for execution? 

If the answer is YES to all of these questions, then you’ve probably found the ideal agency for you.

Great execution scheme

A good digital marketing agency doesn’t just plan. As the saying goes, “ideas without execution are hallucinations”. So you better find an agency that puts words into action to meet targets. 

See to it that the agency has a task distribution scheme to its team members. Know the strategies that they will be using to execute your plan.  Will they using social media? If yes, what platforms are they going to utilize – Facebook, Instagram, or Snapchat? Do you think these will align with your goals? Are these the best channels to reach out to your target audience?

Innovative solutions to your problem

A good digital marketing agency must be able to tailor solutions based on your needs. We all know for sure that technology is fast evolving that is why it is important for digital marketing agencies to move fast and offer solutions to stay ahead of the trends. 

Choosing a digital marketing agency requires you to be a little investigative like the FBIs you see your favorite action movie. Do not be afraid to throw questions when you need to. After all, your business is at stake and you cannot entrust it with anyone who doesn’t have any experience in digital marketing.