YouTube ads. People either automatically skip by them… or hate them with the fire of a thousand suns.

It’s super easy to piss off your target audience with a boring YouTube ad. So, why do companies still use them?

In a world where Facebook and Instagram ads are now a dime a dozen, YouTube ads can still capture your target audience and get your message across. You just need to know how to do it right.

I’m writing this article today to give you the five best tips to get your audience to stick around for a few more seconds after the “Skip Ad” option gets activated.

In the world of digital marketing, there are some universal elements that we use to make our ads interesting and fresh.

You’re going to read some about familiar digital marketing topics like irresistible offers, deepest benefits, and social proof.

If you follow these tips, you’re going to be more equipped to NOT piss off your target audience.


Bait your hook with an irresistible offer


This is simple. Make them want more. Don’t piss them off by being wishy-washy.

The first five seconds of your YouTube ad are crucial. They can either make or break your entire digital marketing strategy.

You need to capture your audience’s attention by offering them the right hook. This is achieved by, of course, knowing what your audience wants.

GoodRx’s YouTube ads are a great example of how an irresistible offer can get you to stay and listen when you could just click “Skip Ad” and forget about it.

They hit their customers right where it hurts – their wallets. In a country where the healthcare system is designed to benefit insurance agencies and drug companies rather than patients, it can be exhausting to go through all the different options you have available.

With their “Linda” ad, they start off in a non-threatening way, and they immediately take you through how simple it can be to use their system versus going directly into a traditional pharmacy.

Not only is it super easy to search for a particular drug and its cost in a specific area, but you also get an easy map-based price comparison for your convenience. Great, right? Who doesn’t want to save more than one hundred dollars when buying medicine?


Focus on your deepest benefit


It’s easy to piss customers off when you waste their time.

Let’s keep using GoodRx’s ads as an example. What are they really selling? Are they selling an app? A discount coupon book? No.

What they’re selling is convenience and cost-savings. These ads are meant to appeal to customers who are price-conscious and have no time for BS.

Their service offers customers the opportunity to take back control from the healthcare industry and make choices that will impact their lives in a positive way.

With the time that you save because you don’t need to go to each and every pharmacy to canvass prices, you can spend more time recuperating or enjoying the good life.

Since you aren’t pressed in terms of budget anymore, you can also spend your money on alternative therapies or to take that trip you’ve been wanting to go on.

What is your product or service’s deepest benefit? What is the idea that you are trying to sell to your customer or client?

It’s fun to dig deep into the difference between a feature (what a product can do) and a benefit (how it can change someone’s life).

Take that particular element and hammer it home in terms of your messaging or graphics.


Use a unique voice and a new approach


Don’t piss off your customers and make the mistake of using the same approach for all your ads in perpetua.

You need to make sure that your YouTube ads are presented uniquely and with a fresh new voice. This is where your creativity comes in.

For example, if you were to do a video on ghosting, instead of just talking about the dating angle and focusing all your efforts there, why not try putting on a ghost costume or doing a magic trick where the person disappears into a cloud of smoke?  Or maybe have someone sleeping in bed while a disembodied voice calls their names or recites a litany of what they could have done instead of wasting their time waiting on someone who ghosted them.

I really enjoy this part of my job. I think it’s exhilarating to be surrounded by minds that are ready to brainstorm and really get down to business.

I like approaching digital marketing problems from a new angle and finding innovative solutions for them that generate more leads and sales for businesses.


Offer some social proof


Don’t piss off your target market by treating them like they’re stupid.

Think about it. When was the last time that you bought a brand-new product? What convinced you to buy it?

People are savvy about what they buy nowadays. They do their research, and it’s rare to find customers that are first adopters vs. early adopters. Did you know that over 70% of purchasing decisions are influenced by what people see on social media?

People are statistically more likely to jump on a product bandwagon when they see others do it first. Whether it’s an influencer hawking a brand-new diet shake, or a friend raving about the new Popeye’s sandwich, people trust something more when they see that others like it too!

Going back to GoodRx, they also have ads that offer customer testimonials. They have clips that are less than a minute long of people talking about their GoodRx experiences.

From reactions related to how much they saved to how easy it was to use their service; these testimonials help build online street cred for the company.

Social proof can come in the form of customer testimonials or endorsements from celebrities. If you’re in the business of healthcare, getting industry heavyweights to back you is also a good way to show how legit your company is.


Give them value from the outset


Valueless transactions piss off customers. Who doesn’t like getting free stuff?

Psychologically speaking, people really do respond to quid pro quo. See, big companies make millions by just offering potential customers the opportunity to save a little and then upselling them at the right time.

We’re not saying that you should offer your product at a rock bottom price before slamming the proverbial bars down on your customer and sticking them with a product that’s barely usable without expensive premium upgrades.

That’s just bad marketing, and like we said, the goal is NOT to piss your customer off.

Instead, give them YouTube ads that add value to their experience in some way. Whether it’s a hack to use a specific feature, or a tip to get that next sale a bit faster and with less effort, people really like it when they feel like companies are willing to give a little to get their attention.


Here are the things you need to remember…


Let’s do a quick recap. The five things you need to remember if you don’t want to piss off your customers with your YouTube ads are:


  1. Bait your hook with an irresistible offer.
  2. Focus on your deepest benefit.
  3. Use a unique voice or a new approach.
  4. Offer some social proof.
  5. Give them value from the outset.


Don’t fall into the trap of producing ads that make audiences wait anxiously for that “Skip Ad” button to get activated. Capture their attention in less than five seconds. Remember the deepest benefit you’re offering them and hammer it home. Use a unique way to present your product or service. Offer testimonials or endorsements to back up your claims. And ALWAYS give your customers more than what they expect.