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I believe how you do anything is how you do everything.

In 2022 I decided I wanted my private pilot’s license. After 6 months of sharp focus, studying, and flying, I got it. Those who know me well were not surprised, because that’s the same approach I take with everything. Set a goal, learn as much as possible, and get results. In fact, I’ve built my career that way.

From a young age, I’ve always been an entrepreneur. I’ve built (and sold) several successful performance marketing agencies and CAAS businesses. These days, I use that invaluable experience and skills to build businesses for others as a Fractional CMO and full stack marketer.

I intentionally keep my client roster small, which allows me to dive deep into strategy for each. But if you’re looking to get results for your business, reach out! Let’s set up a call to discuss your goals.

Are you experiencing these common roadblocks?


Missed Deadlines: Projects consistently off schedule.


Undefined Roles: Team lacks clear responsibilities.


Lack of Clarity: Unfocused marketing efforts.


Staff Turnover: High employee or client churn.


Ineffective Systems: Poor or absent processes.


Reactive Teams: Reactive rather than proactive approach.


Poor Budget Management: Inefficient use of marketing budgets.


Fragmented Strategy: Agencies provide singular focus; CMOs offer holistic strategy.


1. Strategic audit

Your operations have hit a roadblock (or many) and you don’t know where to begin to fix things. I can meet with you as an objective outside expert who can diagnose the problem, prescribe an actionable plan, and provide you support to implement that plan within your organization.

2. Fractional CMO

You’ve identified an issue that your department is struggling with and need support to move the team from problem to solution. I’ll help arm you with some new best practices that fix your pain points, earn team buy-in, and can be easily sustained for the long-haul.

Let’s make this year your best year yet. Send me a message below to get started.

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Based in Lexington, Kentucky
Phone: (606) 872-8794

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